Instructions for the Production of Abramelin Oil and Incense

Fr. R.'.S.'.

Abramelin Oil

The oil of Abramelin may be made in several ways.

To begin gather either the herbs, or the essential oils, of Cinnamon, Myrrh, and Galangal along with Olive Oil.

If working with the oils, simply mix 8 parts of Cinnamon, 4 parts of Myrrh, and 2 parts of Galangal with an equal quantity of Olive Oil.

If working with the herbs, you could distill the oils from the herbs and proceed as above, alternatively macerate the herbs. The herbs may be macerated in olive oil, in which case, take a mortar and pestle and pour in the herbs in the same quantities given above. Pour over enough olive oil to moisten the herbs. Grind the herbs with the oil to open them and draw out their oils. Put the mixture into a jar with an equal volume of olive oil. Allow them to sit until the oil takes on a sufficient strength.

Alternatively the herbs can be macerated in Grain Alcohol. Take again the same quantity of the herbs. Place the herbs in a mortar and pestle and moisten with a small amount of olive oil. Grind the herbs and oil and then place in a jar. Fill the jar with enough grain alcohol to cover the herbs. Let the herbs sit until the alcohol reddens and is sufficiently full of the herbal potency. Place the tincture in a darkened bottle with an eye dropper cap. A bit of the tincture may then be mixed with a quantity of olive oil to create Abramelin Oil.

In both instances of maceration it is advisable to occasionally agitate the jar.

Abramelin Incense

To make the Abramelin Incense gather the following parts:



Storax (Benzoin)

With a mortar and pestle mix and grind together the ingredients. First grind roots, then plants then resins. So in this case, cedar is ground, then add the storax and frankincense.

This mixture will burn sufficiently on a charcoal or it may be added to other components for the purpose of making sticks or cones.


The Oil and Incense should be consecrated. For the oil this may be done while the herbs are macerating or once the oil is otherwise complete. There are several options for this. Sabazius, X*, gives several options on his website the Invisible Basilica of Sabazius. Various Gnostic or Mystical forms of the sign of the cross may be used. Prayers from scripture may be read over them. Divine names and hierarchies may be vibrated into them.

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