Cakes of Light

Fr. R.'.S.'.

Mixing Cakes of Light will vary to some degree based on preference. Some people like a runnier batter some like a thicker dough. I had a friend once make what we called Blondies of Light, as he made a batter, poured it in a brownie pan, and made fluffy corn bread like cakes of light. Personally I like to make it like a dough, which involves mixing the ingredients and then adding more flour until it is already in the right consistency.

Here is a basic guideline to use. I like to do a little more Abramelin and a little less olive oil.

1.5 cups flour

6 tblsp. extra virgin olive oil

7 tblsp. honey

1 tblsp. wine leavings

7 drops Abramelin oil

A few drops of blood or semen.

You really only need to make a few cakes with the blood/semen. So you might make your dough and then separate out a portion into which you can add these ingredients.

First pour your flour into a bowl, mix in the oil and honey.

Then add your Abramelin oil and red wine leavings.

The leavings are the grape husk bits and yeast sediment which would be found in unfiltered wines and thick ports. Most wine will not have this in the United States. Some types of Port might. The leavings are NOT the fungus from a cork, nor is it a reduction of red wine. If you do not have actual leavings obtain Cream of Tartar from the spice aisle of your grocery store, take a tablespoon of Cream of Tartar and dissolve it in a table spoon of red wine. This will provide a similar composition to that of leavings.

Stir in the leavings and the Abramelin oil. At this point if your dough is too runny add a bit more flour or meal. Once you have the appropriate consistency separate your dough. Add the blood/semen into the one portion and mold into small cookies and bake to the desired consistency at about 325 degrees F in your oven.

From these cakes select a cake to burn to ash. Grind down the ash and mix a small bit of the ash into your other dough. Then you may make cookies from this second batch of dough for actual use.

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