I taught my first public class on magic in 2001, when I was 19, at Mugwort Grove of ADF which served Maryland’s DC suburbs. They asked me to come teach a class on Advanced Magic. Since then I have taught individual classes, class series, as well day and weekend long workshops. These have mostly been through the OTO, but I have done some independently and some via conferences and events. If you’re interested in inviting me to speak or teach at an event, group, or conference feel free to email me.


This page will provide information on classes and courses which are available for you to purchase and links to classes which are online that you can download for free. Some of the free classes are in the form of MP3s which are available on the various pages of this website, some are links to YouTube content.


Classes and Courses


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Free Classes




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HGA Panel Discussion with Jason Miller Rufus Opus and BJ Swain - Occult authors and practicing magicians Jason Miller, Rufus Opus and BJ Swain discuss experiences with the Holy Guardian Angel by answering questions assembled from forum user questions submitted on Facebook.


Luminarium Launch Class & Q&A – Zoom class and Q&A for the launch of my book Luminarium: A Grimoire of Cunning Conjuration.


Chilling Adventures? Witchcraft...The Devil...Fact and Fiction – A class I presented at William Blake Lodge on Holy Saturday 2019. In this class I discussed realities of historical, hereditary and folk witchcraft as juxtaposed to contemporary NeoPagan Witchcraft and fictional depictions of witches. The class used the very popular Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as a framework for organizing topics.


Navigating a World of Spirits Pt 1 – A class based on my book Living Spirits: A Guide to Magic in a World of Spirits, which I taught at William Blake Lodge on Holy Saturday 2019. The class covers cosmology, ideas about magic, and an exploration of spirits.


Navigating a World of Spirits Pt 2 – Second part of a class based on my book Living Spirits: A Guide to Magic in a World of Spirits, which I taught at William Blake Lodge on Holy Saturday 2019. The class covers more practical elements of engaging the spirit world.


Workshopping Ritual in a World of Spirits - Second class from a day of classes based on my recent book Living Spirits: A Guide to Magic in a World of Spirits. These classes were taught at William Blake Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis in Baltimore, MD on Holy Saturday. The class covers ritual planning and considerations to take into account when working with spirits.


Introduction to the Kabbalah - This is an introduction to the Kabbalah which I taught July 22, 2018 at William Blake Lodge of the OTO. The class discusses the history of Jewish mysticism prior to the Kabbalah, the Merkavah, differences between Hermetic and Judaic Kabbalah, how creation works in the Kabbalah and what it means for humanity, the Broken Vessels which form the Klippoth, and the Thelemic concept of the Abyss. There are also a lot of questions asked about the Sacred Magic of Abramelin, pathworking, and other items of interest.


What is Thelema? - A presentation from an open house at William Blake Lodge. I try to take an approach that keeps Thelema general so it can be approached by those not drawn to magic or not inspired by Crowley so much as by the nature of the concept. The first half of the presentation kind of meanders a bit addressing pieces of the related concepts so the second half can pull it together and explore the idea more fully. This class was well received by people attending but not some local OTO leadership. 



The Unveiled Sky




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