The Rite of Dedication

Fr. R.'.S.'.

This ritual commits the participants to seeking more understanding of their Self and the Truth and at the same time rejects those things which hold them back from fulfilling themselves.

The temple is the temple of the Gnostic Mass. The veils are drawn shut around the altar. The candles are lit. On the main altar is a goblet of wine and a cake of light for each participant. On the deacon altar there are two bowls of water, some incense and a burner, and a candle. There is also a metal bowl for burning paper. Before entering the temple each congregant has been given a small piece of paper.

I. Preparation

Each participant meditates upon what separates them from fully being themselves, from being happy and balanced, from knowing the light of god.

They then write this down on paper.

All enter the temple.

II. Opening

One participant takes a candle and circumambulates the temple.

One participant then takes the bowl of water and circumambulates the temple

One participant then takes the incense and circumambulates the temple.

Leader holds up his hands and says:

Holy Art thou lord of the universe

Holy Art thou whom nature hath not formed

Holy art thou vast and mighty one

Lord of light and of darkness.

The leader then sprinkles water, saying:

First then the priest of fire must sprinkle the lustral waters of the loud resounding sea, hear then the voice of fire”

The leader then makes crosses in the quarters with the candles, saying:

Then, when all the phantoms have vanished, you will see that holy and formless fire that darts and flashes through the hidden depths of the universe.”

III. Commitment Ceremony

The leader holds up his hands and says:

In the name of ADNI we cast off the chains which bind us.”

The first participant brings up their paper.

Leader: Do you freely give up those things which keep you from yourself?

Participant: I do.

Leader burns the paper. Puts a bit of ash on the forehead of the participant. The participant goes into the adytum and takes the bread and wine then prays or meditates before exiting the veils and returning to his seat.

This is done for each participant.

When all are ready exit the temple.

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