The Long Anthem from The Ship

Aleister Crowley

I am that I am, the flame

Hidden in the sacred ark.

I am the unspoken name

I the unbegotten spark.

I am He that ever goeth,

Being in myself the Way;

Known, that yet no mortal knoweth,

Shewn, that yet no mortal sheweth,

I, the child of night and day.

I am never-dying youth.

I am Love, and I am Truth.

I am the creating Word,

I the author of the aeon;

None but I have ever heard

Echo in the empyrean

Plectron of the primal paean!

I am the eternal one

Winged and white, the flowering rod,

I the fountain of the sun,

Very God of very God!

I am he that lifteth up

Life, and flingeth it afar;

I have filled the crystal cup;

I have sealed the silver star.

I the wingless God that flieth

Through my firmamental fane,

I am he that daily dieth,

And is daily born again.

In the sea my father lieth,

Wept by waters, lost for ever

Where the waste of woe replieth:

"Naught and nowhere!" "Naught and never!"

I that serve as once he served,

I that shine as once he shone,

I must swerve as he has swerved,

I must go as he has gone.

He begat me; in my season

I must such a son beget,

Suffer too the triple treason,

Setting as my father set.

These my witnesses and women ---

These shall dare the dark again,

Find the sacred ark to swim in

The remorseless realm of rain.

Flowers and fruits I bring to bless you,

Cakes of corn, and wealth of wine;

With my crown will I caress you,

With my music make you mine.

Though I perish, I preserve you;

Through my fall, ye rise above:

Ruling you, your priest, I serve you,

Being life, and being love.

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