The Unveiled Sky is a presentation of magical, occult, and spiritual resources created or collected by Fr. R.'.S.'. (also known as Fr. VonHohenheim, and Fr. LA).

Topics covered will include modern magical systems such as the Golden Dawn, Thelema and Ecclesiastical Gnosticism, and related systems. The focus will be more on traditional systems of
magic. Alchemy, the grimoires, the Greco-Egyptian Magical Papyrii and Coptic magic, NeoPlatonic Theurgy, Hermeticism, and traditional Gnosticism, folk sorcery and traditional witchcraft and
whatever other traditional magic determines to cross these pages.

While this page will give a great deal of attention to spiritual and developmental magic the focus of the author is on the reality of magic and the change it creates in the world. We change the
world so that we may develop ourselves and we develop ourselves so that we may further change the world. There eventually becomes no difference in purpose between conjuring to
achieve money or love and rising on the planes to complete your soul. It is important through all this that we remember the reality of magic. Magic is not a psychological exercise simply in
changing our perspective or altering our moods or fixing our twisted insides. Magic can and does accomplish those things but more so it reaches into the fundamental being of reality and
engages the spirits that enrich the world and it allows us to know and change what is around us by these means of agency. We must viscerally and meaningfully reach in and grab the fertile
ground at the basis of our experience, both in things such as knowing and exploring ourselves, and in assuring our own stability in securing wealth, a job, love, and support.

So while we will explore a range of methods and ideas and their applications may look diverse, it is always with this same golden thread that binds together power and wisdom, action and
knowledge, that we guide ourselves.
Glory of the Stars is my very occasional blog on magical topics. It will cover many of the same topics and areas of interest as this site but sometimes in a more personal and up to date way, or
giving more of a reflection. Check it out and subscribe!
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