Evocation by the Method of Solomon

Drawn from the Greater Key as presented by Mathers

This is the method I use when conjuring using the Key of Solomon. Instructions as to the tools and pentacles can be found in the Greater Key. This is not the complete ritual as presented in the text but rather the variant of it I have found to be effective. - Fr. R.'.S.'.

The first step is the construction of the circle, which I do by tracing it out of salt. I have also used a painted cloth. Both work sufficiently, although when using salt you need a significant amount of salt. While the circle is traced the following Psalms are read. Psalm 2; Psalm 54; Psalm 113; Psalm 67; Psalm 47; and Psalm 68.

Once the circle is created and the psalms are read everyone participating exits the temple and fully disrobes. They wash with spring water mixed with hyssop oil and then put on their consecrated robes. While washing they recite:

Sprinkle me with hyssop oh Lord and I will be clean, wash me and I will be made whiter than snow.”

Before entering the temple they take the holy anointing oil which should also have been consecrated and anoint their foreheads with AGLA.

Once all are in the circle the first prayer is said as a consecration of the work, a banishment, and an initial invocation of sanctity within the space.


When we enter herein with all humility, let God the Almighty One enter into this Circle, by the entrance of an eternal happiness, of a Divine prosperity, of a perfect joy, of an abundant charity, and of an eternal salutation. Let all the demons fly from this place, especially those who are opposed unto this work, and let the Angels of Peace assist and protect this Circle, from which let discord and strife fly and depart. Magnify and extend upon us, O Lord, Thy most Holy Name, and bless our conversation and our assembly. Sanctify, O Lord our God, our humble entry herein, Thou the Blessed and Holy One of the Eternal Ages! Amen.”

The Magician then kneels and says the next prayer which is the consecration of the circle.


O Lord God, All Powerful and All Merciful, Thou who desires not the death of a sinner, but rather that he may turn from his wickedness and live; give and grant unto us thy grace, by blessing and consecrating this earth and this Circle, which is here marked out with the most powerful and holy Names of God. And thee, I conjure, O Earth, by the Most Holy Name of ASHER EHIEH entering within this Circle, composed and made with mine hand. And may God, even ADONAI, bless this place with all the virtues of Heaven, so that no obscene or unclean spirit may have the power to enter into this Circle, or to annoy any person who is therein; though the Lord God ADONAI, Who lives eternally unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen.

I beseech Thee, O Lord God, the All Powerful and the All Merciful, that You will deign to bless this Circle, and all this place, and all those who are therein, and that You will grant unto us, who serve You, and rehearse nothing but the wonders of Your law, a good Angel for our Guardian; remove from us every adverse power; preserve us from evil and from trouble; grant, O Lord, that we may rest in this place in all safety, through You, O Lord, Who lives and reigns unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen.

The Magician, still kneeling, invokes the divine Authority through the Headless Invocation. He rises during the invocation when he is moved to do so.

Thee I invoke, the Bornless One!

Thee that didst create the Earth and the Heavens,

Thee that didst create the Night and the Day,

Thee that didst create the Darkness and the Light.

Thou art Osorronophris, whom no man hath seen at any time.

Thou art Jabas; thou art Japos.

Thou hast distinguished between the Just and the Unjust.

Thou didst make the Female and the Male.

Thou didst produce the Seed and the Fruit.

Thou didst form Men to love one another, and to hate one another.

Hear thou me, for I am Mosheh thy servant, unto whom Thou hast committed thy Mysteries, the ceremonies of Israel.

Thou hast produced the moist and the dry, and that which nourisheth all created life.

Hear me, for I am the Angel of Paphro Osorronophris: this is Thy true name, handed down to the prophets of Israel.

Hear me: Ar, Thiao, Rheibet, Atheleberseth, A, Blatha, Abeu, Ebeu, Phi, Thitasoe, Ib, Thiao.

Hear me and make all spirits subject unto me: so that every spirit of the firmament and of the ether; upon the Earth and under the Earth; on dry land or in the water; of whirling air or of rushing fire; and every spell and scourge of God may be obedient unto me.

I invoke Thee, the terrible and invisible God who dwellest in the void place of spirit: Arogogorobrao, Sothou, Modorio, Phalarthao, Ooo, Ape, The Bornless One.

Hear me and make all spirits subject unto me: so that every spirit of the firmament and of the ether; upon the Earth and under the Earth; on dry land or in the water; of whirling air or of rushing fire; and every spell and scourge of God may be obedient unto me.

Hear me: Roubriao, Mariodam, Balbnabaoth, Assalonai, Aphniao, I, Thoteth, Abrasax, Aeoou, Ischure, Mighty and Bornless One.

Hear me and make all spirits subject unto me: so that every spirit of the firmament and of the ether; upon the Earth and under the Earth; on dry land or in the water; of whirling air or of rushing fire; and every spell and scourge of God may be obedient unto me.

I invoke Thee: Ma, Barraio, Ioel, Kotha, Athorebalo, Abraoth.

Hear me and make all spirits subject unto me: so that every spirit of the firmament and of the ether; upon the Earth and under the Earth; on dry land or in the water; of whirling air or of rushing fire; and every spell and scourge of God may be obedient unto me.

Hear me: Aoth, Abaoth, Basum, Isak, Sabaoth, IAO.

This is the Lord of the Gods;

This is the Lord of the Universe;

This is He Whom the winds fear;

This is He Who, having made Voice by His commandment, is Lord of all things - king, ruler and helper.

Hear me and make all spirits subject unto me: so that every spirit of the firmament and of the ether; upon the Earth and under the Earth; on dry land or in the water; of whirling air or of rushing fire; and every spell and scourge of God may be obedient unto me.

Hear me: Ieou, Pyr, Iou, Pyr, Iaot, Iaeo, Ioou, Abrasax, Sabriam, Oo, Yu, Eu, Oo, Yu, Adonaie, Ede, Edu, Angelos Ton Theon, Anlala Lai, Gaia, Apa, Diachanna Chorun.


I am He, the Bornless Spirit! Having sight in the feet - strong, and the Immortal Fire!

I am He, the Truth!

I am He, who hate that evil should be wrought in the world.

I am He who lighteneth and thundereth.

I am He from whom is the shower of the life on Earth.

I am He whose mouth ever flameth.

I am He, the Begetter and Manifester unto the Light.

I am He, the Grace of the World.

The Heart Girt with a Serpent” is My name.

Come thou forth and follow me, and make all spirits subject unto me, so that every spirit of the firmament and of the ether, upon the Earth and under the Earth, on dry land and in the water, of whirling air and of rushing fire, and every spell and scourge of God, may be obedient unto me.

IAO. Sabao. Such are the words!

After this the Magician exits the circle and with a consecrated wax taper he lights the censers and places incense in them. The instructions in the text say the taper is to be hidden, I prefer to use the taper on the altar as a sign of the presence of the divine light, or it may be placed in the place where the spirit is to be conjured.

Returning to the circle and facing east he makes his adjuration for divine authority and the power of the holy names


O Lord, hear my prayer, and let my cry come unto You. O Lord God Almighty, who has reigned before the beginning of the Ages, and Who by Thine Infinite Wisdom, has created the heavens, the earth, and the sea, and all that in them is, all that is visible, and all that is invisible by a single word; I praise You, I bless You, I adore You, I glorify You, and I pray You now at the present time to be merciful unto me, a miserable sinner, for I am the work of Your hands. Save me, and direct me by Your Holy Name, You to Whom nothing is difficult, nothing is impossible; and deliver me from the night of mine ignorance, and enable me to go forth therefrom. Enlighten me with a spark of Your Infinite Wisdom. Take away from my senses the desire of covetousness, and the iniquity of my idle words. Give unto me,Your servant, a wise understanding, penetrating and subtle heart, to acquire and comprehend all Sciences and Arts; give unto me capacity to hear, and strength of memory to retain them, so that I may be able to accomplish my desires, and understand and learn all difficult and desirable Sciences; and also that I may be able to comprehend the hidden secrets of the Holy Writings. Give me the virtue to conceive them, so that I may be able to bring forth and pronounce my words with patience and humility, for the instruction of others, as You have ordered me.

O God, the Father, All Powerful and All Merciful, who has created all things, who knows and conceives them universally, and to Whom nothing is hidden, nothing is impossible; I entreat Your Grace for me and for Your servants, because You see and know well that we perform not this work to tempt Your Strength and Your Power as if in doubt thereof, but rather that we may know and understand the truth of all hidden things. I beseech You to have the kindness to be favorable unto us; by Your Splendor, Your Magnificence, and Your Holiness, and by Your Holy, Terrible, and Ineffable Name IAH, at which the whole world does tremble, and by the Fear with which all creatures obey You. Grant, O Lord, that we may become responsive to Your Grace, so that through it we may have a full confidence in and knowledge of You, and that the Spirits may discover themselves here in our presence, and that those which are gentle and peaceable may come unto us, so that they may be obedient unto Your commands, through You, O Most Holy ADONAI, Whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and whose Empire endures unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen.”

The Magician then places his hand on the Pentacles and then turns to the four quarters with the following prayer, making a cross in each quarter as he does so. This may be done with the sword, or the candle, or with the hand of the magician.

+ O Lord,

+ Be Thou unto me

+ a Tower of Strength

+ against the appearance and assault of the Evil Spirits.

After this, turning again towards the four quarters , he shall say the following


These be the Symbols and the Names of the Creator, which can bring Terror and

Fear unto you. Obey me then, by the power of these Holy Names, and by these Mysterious

Symbols of the Secret of Secrets.”

The Magician then returns to the altar facing the direction from which he wishes to conjure the spirit and says his conjuration. The sword of the handle of the magician may be touched to the pentacle during the conjuration or may be used to trace appropriate seals, names, or crosses over the altar as divine names are said.


O Spirits, I conjure you by the Power, Wisdom, and Virtue of the Spirit of God, by the uncreate Divine Knowledge, by the vast Mercy of God, by the Strength of God, by the Greatness of God, by the Unity of God; and by the holy Name of God EHEIEH, which is the root, trunk, source, and origin of all the other Divine Names, whence they all draw their life and their virtue, which Adam having invoked, he acquired the knowledge of all created things.

I conjure you by the indivisible Name IOD, which marks and expresses the Simplicity and the Unity of the Nature Divine, which Abel having invoked, he deserved to escape from the hands of Cain his brother.

I conjure you by the Name TETRAGRAMMATON ELOHIM, which expresses and signifies the Grandeur of so lofty a Majesty, that Noah having pronounced it, saved himself, and protected himself with his whole household from the Waters of the Deluge.

I conjure you by the Name of God EL Strong and Wonderful, which denotes the Mercy and Goodness of His Majesty Divine, which Abraham having invoked, he was found worthy to come forth from the Ur of the Chaldeans.

I conjure you by the most powerful Name of ELOHIM GIBOR, which showsforth the Strength of God, of a God All Powerful, who punishes the crimes of the wicked, Who seeks out and chastises the iniquities of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation; which Isaac having invoked, he was found worthy to escape from the Sword of Abraham his father.

I conjure you and I exorcise you by the most holy Name of ELOAH VA-DAATH, which Jacob invoked when in great trouble, and was found worthy to bear the Name of Israel, which signifies Vanquisher of God; and he was delivered from the fury of Esau his brother.

I conjure you by the most potent Name of EL ADONAI TZABAOTH, which is the God of Armies, ruling in the Heavens, which Joseph invoked and was found worthy to escape from the hands of his Brethren.

I conjure you by the most potent Name of ELOHIM TZABAOTH, which expresses piety, mercy, splendor, and knowledge of God, which Moses invoked, and he was found worthy to deliver the People of Israel from Egypt, and from the servitude of Pharaoh.

I conjure you by the most potent Name of SHADDAI, which signifies doing good unto all; which Moses invoked, and having struck the Sea, it divided into two parts in the midst, on the right hand and on the left. I conjure you by the most holy Name of EL CHAI, which is that of the Living God, through the virtue of which alliance with us, and redemption for us have been made; which Moses invoked and all the waters returned to their prior state and enveloped the Egyptians, so that not one of them escaped to carry the news into the Land of Mizraim.

Lastly, I conjure you all, you rebellious Spirits, by the most holy Name of God ADONAI MALEKH, which Joshua invoked, and stayed the course of the Sun in his presence, through the virtue of Metatron, its principal Image; and by the troops of Angels who cease not to cry day and night, KADOSH, KADOSH, KADOSH, ADONAI ELOHIM TZABAOTH; and by the Ten Angels who preside over the Ten Sephiroth, by whom God communicates and extendes His influence over lower things, which are KETHER, CHOKMAH, BINAH, GEDULAH, GEBURAH, TIPHARETH, NETZACH, HOD, YESOD, AND MALKUTH.

I conjure you anew, O Spirits, by all the Names of God, and by all His marvelous work; by the heavens; by the earth; by the sea; by the depth of the Abyss, and by that firmament which the very Spirit of God hath moved; by the sun and by the stars; by the waters and by the seas, and all which they contain; by the winds, the whirlwinds, and the tempests; by the virtue of all herbs, plants, and stones; by all which is in the heavens, upon the earth, and in all the Abysses of the Shades.

I conjure you anew, and I powerfully urge you, O Spirits, in whatsoever part of the world you may be, so that you shall be unable to remain in air, fire, water, earth, or in any part of the universe, or in any pleasant place which may attract you; but that you come promptly to accomplish our desire, and all things that we demand from your obedience.

I conjure you anew by the two Tables of the Law, by the five books of Moses, by the Seven Burning Lamps on the Candlestick of Gold before the face of the Throne of the Majesty of God, and by the Holy of Holies wherein the KOHEN HA-GADUL was alone permitted to enter.

I conjure you by Him Who has made the heavens and the earth, and who has measured those heavens in the hollow of His hand, and enclosed the earth with three of His fingers, Who is seated upon the Kerubim and upon the Seraphim; and by the Kerubim, which is called the Kerub, which God constituted and placed to guard the Tree of Life, armed with a flaming sword, after that Man had been driven out of Paradise.

I conjure you anew, Spirit, by Him who alone hath performed great wonders; by the Heavenly Jerusalem; and by the Most Holy Name of God in Four Letters, and by Him Who enlightens all things and shines upon all things by his Venerable and Ineffable Name, EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH; that you come immediately to execute our desire, whatever it may be.

I conjure you, and I command you absolutely, O Spirit, in whatsoever part of the Universe you may be, by the virtue of all these Holy Names;-- ADONAI, JAH, HOA, EL, ELOAH, ELOHINU, ELOHIM, EHEIEH, MARON, KAPHU, ESCH, INNON, AVEN, AGLA, HAZOR, EMETH, YAH, ARARITHA, YOVA, HA-KABIR, MESSIACH, IONAH, MAL-KA, EREL, KUZU, MATZPATZ EL SHADDAI; and by all the Holy names of God which have been written with blood in the sign of an eternal alliance.

I conjure you anew by these other names of God, Most Holy and unknown, by the virtue of which Names you tremble every day;-- BARUC, BACURABON, PATACEL, ALCHEEGHEL, AQUACHAI, HOMORION, EHEIEH, ARBATON, CHEVON, CEBON, OYZROYMAS, CHAI, EHEIEH, ALBAMACHI, ORTAGU, NALE, ABELECH, YEZE; that you come quickly and without any delay into our presence from every quarter and every climate of the world wherein you may be, to execute all that we shall command of you in the Great Name of God.”

At this point the censer on the altar should be filled with more incense. This offering of incense is the means by which the spirit “manifests” “visibly” before the magician. The incense is the offering empowering the spirit to create an effect on the physical plane for the purpose of interacting. This effect may be a visual change in the condition of the incense, or a feeling of presence, a change in capacitance or temperature or some other sensation.

At this point the Magician may make requests and inquiries of the spirit. These should be verbalized.

Once complete the Magician gives the License to Depart to the Spirit.

The License To Depart

In the Name of ADONAI, the Eternal and Everlasting One, let each of you return unto his place; be there peace between us and you, and may you be ready to come again when you are called.

This being done, let them all in order quit the Circle, one after the other, the Magician

first. They may rewash their faces in the spring water and then don their regular clothing once they have exited the temple.

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