Here you can find information on books I have written or to which I have contributed.


Written by Me


Living Spirits: A Guide to Magic in a World of Spirits


Living Spirits Cover


Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and through some local booksellers

Rated 4.8/5 on Amazon, 4.5/5 on Good Reads


Living Spirits explores the various types of spirits which exist in Western Magic and how they can be approached in a world alive with their presence and power. Living Spirits invites readers to jump off the sidelines and reach deep into the rich soil of a magical world and explore its power and mysteries so as to apply them for the purposes of real and effective magic. The book explores the traditions of the grimoires but goes beyond that and explores spirit magic in a broader current based on building relationships with spirits. (364 pages)


Luminarium A Grimoire of Cunning Conjuration


Luminarium Cover


Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and through some local booksellers

Rated 4.5/5 on Amazon, 4.1/5 on Good Reads


A streamlined, practice-focused text on conjuration. This is a 0 to 60mph, level up your work, hit the ground running approach to spirit conjuration. The core idea is using magical approaches to facilitate and improve your access to magic. This text combines elements of the Greek Magical Papyri, the Hygromanteia, the Heptameron and Orphism to create a more holistic approach to conjuring angels and aerial spirits. You can use these spirits for either knowledge or practical purposes. The method is easily adapted to demons. With this text you will gain the benefits of traditional ancient magical sources and the ease of contemporary spirit relationship approaches to magic. To prepare you, the text draws on Hoodoo, Catholicism, Buddhism, Greek Orthodoxy, Hinduism, and Zen to build an array of spiritual and magical practices from which to choose so you can simulate the benefits of long term spiritual preparations and development. With Luminarium someone who�s never done magic can begin conjuring spirits in under two weeks, maybe just a few days. (250 pages)



Contributed to by Me


Queen of the Sacred Way: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Persephone


This Bibliotheca Alexandrina anthology collects together several pieces written in honor of Persephone. In this I express some of my early Dionysian ideals comparing Mary and Persephone in the light of a relationship between Jesus and Dionysos. I wrote this essay about ten years ago, possibly more, so I can�t say how much it reflects my current perspective.


Heaven and Hell 2018 (The Grimoire Issue)


Heaven and Hell is the infrequent publication of William Blake Lodge of the OTO. This issue included a reprint of Rufus Opus�s �Modern Angelic Grimoire� and a cookbook collecting recipes inspired by foods Crowley recorded eating in his journals. There were an array of articles on a variety of purposes. My contributions included, amongst other things, one of the most thorough explorations available of the Olympic Spirits and a reader collecting primary sources on Hekate.


In Progress


Like most writers, I have a ton of works in progress. In this area I�m only going to highlight the main ones.


Working Title: Who The Devil?


A look at the use of the word �Devil� to describe a broad array of spirits and concepts along with history, stories, examples, and techniques related to several of the main spirits and concepts described by the word.


Beneath the Birdless Lake


A look at necromancy focused around building a necromantic practice with the goal of katabasis, or a journey to the underworld, and the establishment of an enclosed temple shrine to house particular spirits of the underworld.


Unto the Angel


An exploration of the Holy Guardian Angel and techniques for working with this spirit.


Working Title: Breathing Magic


A sequel to Living Spirits which will present a fully practical guide to developing a practice of spiritous sorcery.







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