I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by several excellent interviewers, both on podcasts and in print. Here is a collection of links to the podcast interviews. If you would like to interview me, feel free to email me. If you have a favorite podcast you’d like to hear me on, please recommend to them that they contact me. These interviewers have done a ton of great interviews with other interesting people as well too, so make sure to subscribe to them!


Glitch Bottle


Ep 54: Unbreaking the Tradition with BJ Swain


Ep 56: Spirit Possession, Necromancy and the HGA with BJ Swain


Barbarous Words with Aequus Nox


HGA, Abramelin, the Devil and More with BJ Swain


Luminarium with BJ Swain


Esoteric Scholar


Luminarium: A Grimoire of Cunning Conjuration – Interview with Author BJ Swain


Saroth the Magus Experiment


An Interview with BJ Swain


Inside the Magical Circle


Ep 22: In Depth Interview with BJ Swain




Interview with Ararita418


Applied Hermetics


An Interview with BJ Swain


Social Imperatives of Ancestor Work with BJ Swain


The Blackthorn Grove Podcast


Interview with Magician and Author BJ Swain


In the Company of Stars


Special Episode #2: Exploring Luminarium with BJ Swain


Thelema NOW!


Guest: BJ Swain part 1


Guest: BJ Swain part 2





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